My name is

Louis Morgner &

I am a creative thinker.

My little journey so far

Living in Cologne, Germany in my teens, I had the pleasure to perform several internships in online marketing companies that provided me with a lot of insight into the marketing & design industry. I quickly started to develop own business ideas and finally founded my first company in the age of 16 to consult companies in regards to online marketing. Creativity plays a huge role in my life. The modern, digital environment is my passion.

My Passions

Design, Photography & Videos

Design & Visuals are my passion. I developed my skillset in this area for over 8 years and now I am consulting Brands from all over the world to enhance their visual appearance.


The modern, fast changing startup world is a really fascinating area for me. I'm following the startup scene really closely & I am constantly looking for ways to improve people's lives.

Digital Thinking

As growing up in this digital, rapidly changing world, I started to develop a really digital and innovation focused mindest which enables me to develop new ideas and to consult companies.

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."

- Albert Einstein (My favourite Quote)

Showcase Project #1

Startup: Plaanr - Rethinking Schools

Plaanr is a Startup Project of mine with the mission to improve lives of students & teachers in schools. The core idea is a digital platform that connects the people at school. I function as the leading manager of this project as well as the Art Director in regards to UX & UI.

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